Xtreme Radio is very happy to announce that DJ_Cherokee has joined the family and will bringing her HOT brand of music to the airwaves ... and you never know when she will just pop on and rock the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tune in to Xtreme Radio and get your groove on with DJ_Cherokee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tune in Wednesday, August 13th at 7:30 PM EST when DJ_SkyPilot will be joined by KM Banks, co-author of *One of Many - Inception* ... a fictional new novel based on the slow seduction of the female character, one where she must relent her past and embrace a reality well outside anything she'd previously held as even possible

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Xtreme Radio has arrived!!!!!

We are excited to announce that Xtreme Radio officially launched its first live broadcast.  On August 2, 2014, DJ_SkyPilot hit the airways and kicked off the internet's newest radio.

Xtreme Radio, featuring innovative programming, DJ's, and music - all designed to take you to new heights, open you up to the most wildest and provocative thoughts.  

Keep tuned in to Xtreme Radio, We Will Push Your Limits