Tune in Wednesday, August 13th at 7:30 PM EST when DJ_SkyPilot will be joined by KM Banks, co-author of *One of Many - Inception* ... a fictional new novel based on the slow seduction of the female character, one where she must relent her past and embrace a reality well outside anything she'd previously held as even possible

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12/05/2016 11:14pm

Its good to hear about the interview with the KM banks and there is the buzz from many weeks about it. Well all the authors would have attended it and I hope it had gone well. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the interview but I had got the detailed summary about it.

01/30/2018 2:30pm

It looks like KM Banks created a new novel that will really capture the people heart and attention. I will surely stay tuned and wait for his announcement about the novel. I am very excited to read it because it seems really mysterious. I like novels who have a great twist in the story. It lets me imagine things that may or may not happen in the story. I hope that the novel will be successful and that many people will appreciate it.


I am actually into fictional types of books and stories. With this being said, I do really admire those authors who are making their stories as a fictional type ones. I do love reading characters getting into fights and adventures. I guess I just love imagining things that are beyond reality. I also love stories that have a lot of plot twists. I think the reason is because stories with a lot of plot twists are not a boring stories, of course. Anyway, I am so excited for this interview. I will definitely look at the interview right away.

01/13/2017 7:28am

Ok, I will check out this interview now. I want to know more about this author.

01/25/2018 6:38am

Very inspirational to hear about someone pursuing their dream and becoming successful instead of following the traditional path.


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